My Story

From the OWNER of :

...where you are at this very moment is where I was back in the year 2000 ...CAR LESS

My Astra 1.7 had a damaged head and a local garage directed me to a friend of a friend who was about to take advantage of an unexperienced young Engine buyer... Not only was i charged over the going rate , I had paid cash & received only half of a Engine (block) I raced up there to sort this and after about 3 visits got a refund. This took 2 weeks of stress and wasted time

The money I borrowed from of my uncle took 2 years to pay back but I learnt a few things and realised the risky avenues needed to be avoided if I ever was to buy an Engine again


It was well worth fixing my Astra as it was deemed pretty much ' WORTHLESS ' without a running Engine. This didn't need to be so stressful and in the end I had an Engine from an old timer who knew his stuff and taught me the best and only way to go about this. He is now an outstanding Trusted Supplier for my company :

1.5 Years later, after help from the Princes Trust (a dragons den style funding process) ...I set up : with many Trusted suppliers to get the job done properly for future Engine buyers ! My team and I are now dedicated to making the whole Engine buying process : SAFER , EASY & MORE COST EFFECTIVE for the car-less people of Today perhaps this includes you ?

" You're sure to get the BEST VALUE Engine deals with us direct"

...Managing Director,