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Whether you buy from or not MAKE SURE :

* The websites you visit MUST have a valid UK company name : CAPITAL H LIMITED - that can be found on Companies house search here - otherwise expect issues... This way they are not hiding from being found and therefore have nothing to hide. Some websites have no business name and once money is taken they have no intention to service you further

* Also, without a valid Companies house name they may not be a proper company and they maybe be avoiding taxes and any responsibilities regards your promised Warranty etc

* A telephone number is visible & working - so you know you can talk, if needed later : 08450536957 - 24 HRS 7 DAYS (Supplier full contact details are confirmed by email)

* Everything is in a written format (website) and documented (avoid surprises) buying over the phone was once popular BUT just a voice does NOT Guarantee everything you hear, its best to see online what is being offered in writing and read the website listing details fully as Engine prices can be a significant sum...


1. ADD VALUE to your car by fixing it up (alike fixing up a property to avoid severe Depreciation)...

2. Enter your car Registration into for a GUARANTEED Engine match (match your Engine code. Your mechanic should give you your engine code to input to our homepage search bar)

3. All identical Engines to yours will have the same Engine Code that is found on your Engine block with a small exception on toyota engines

4. Buy a Lower Mileage Engine if you're keeping the car (can last longer from less workload) - OR - A Higher Mileage Engine if selling on (Cheaper to turnaround but often has less warranty) * The available Engines are all Tested by the contracted mechanic supplier eitherway

5. Choose a local Experienced Engine fitter / Garage and we'll arrange delivery directly to them (2 working days on Average). Average fitting costs £500 - £900 (for Newer more complex Engines)

6. Find an Engine company who offers a : FAST & FAIR ' Buyer issue policy ' alike ours at : (See Homepage)

7. Most people order a BARE ENGINE (Sump-Block-Cylinder head with all internals Included). This Excludes and avid paying more for outside / bolt on parts EG: Alternator etc that can be switched over from your original Engine if faultless.

8. Order a COMPLETE Engine IF some of the bolt on parts EG: Alternator are faulty on your current Engine.

9. Report any issue to the Mechanic sender to whom you paid the final payment to (after small deposit to reserve the Engine). Their full details are confirmed by email once a deposit has been placed. Disclaimer : Deposits can be used towards another Engine solution, by a different mechanic - if available / required.

* Once fitted, allow the Oil to work itself around the Engine driving at : MEDIUM revs for the first 100 miles. Break this rule and you could be back to square one. This market does not cover labor costs as the mechanics engine could be misfitted by a garage lacking the knowledge of your exact type of engine.


Other useful info:

Engine codes (are NOT engine numbers)

If you are searching for Engines using your Engine code please make sure you are using the exact right one. Engine numbers are NOT the same as Engine Codes. You can find your vehicles actual engine code on your block or on the white label on the cylinder head also

Supplier Pre-tested Engines

You might see an ideal Engine elsewhere for a lower price but IF Untested you'll loose money and end up paying more for fitting twice. Our Trusted Suppliers legally Agree to test ALL Engines fully. There are many suppliers out there who do not even attempt an engine test before selling it on and we recommend that you do NOT do business with these types.

Buyer Issue Policy (only at

As with anything mechanical and sometimes complex there can be issues that arise. We will act Fast & Fair to get our buyers back on the road - asap. and its Trusted Suppliers will always act FAST & FAIR to protect our buyers

Engine Prices

Our engine prices are below market average (No VAT to pay) and we also give EXTRA Buyer Protection (see above) and provide the best instant choice of matching Engines too! As most of the donor vehicles are bought via Auction prices can fluctuate. This means that a supplier may charge £ 2000 one month and £ 2500 the next for the same Engine type.

--- --- --- ---

Avoid buying the cheapest engine possible as they often carry higher risk. helps our buyers find the exact right Engine Guaranteed ...and acts Fair & Fast if an issue arises. In return for a high volume of sales for our Trusted suppliers we can help buyers get a tested matching Engine at a reasonable price and with more buyer protection.

Engine Fitting Prices (£ 500 - £ 900 Nationwide average UK)

Remember you are paying for the ' Time ' required for a mechanic to fit your engine. Prices range from £ 500 (for older engines that are simpler and faster to fit) to approximately £ 900 (for newer engines that are more technical and Time consuming).

Be sure to use a Registered garage (with a company registration number) and agree to pay your garage fee AFTER the engine has been fitted, when your vehicle has been driven. It would be wise to agree a lower re-fitting charge (half the original cost) with your chosen garage IF in the unlikely event a faulty or damaged engine was to be received.

Its best to find a mechanic with experience fitting your ' Exact type of engine ' Once fitted, make sure your garage has added oil and other vital fluids to your engine and ease the car into action for at least 100 miles at medium speed. We cannot help recover any labor costs as we cannot see how your chosen mechanic has chosen to work - Find a : Good garage scheme (local fitter) via their website

Order Now - OR - Submit an Offer often accept reasonable offers. Supply and demand fluctuates daily and so does the amount we will accept for each Engine. Choosing to Order Now (optional) Guarantees 2 x things: That you get the Engine you want without the risk of it selling to someone else before you pay for it AND You get priority delivery booked first to your chosen address.

If you need assistance contact us 0845 0340 975 ..As our staff are ready and waiting to help you today. Offers exclude delivery as selected. CALL orders do NOT offer the Online discount available - as Time is literally money to us our enterprise

--- --- --- ---

Listed Engines

Will most likely be listed as a BARE Engine (sump-block-head) with all internals included meaning that your mechanic can simply swap over all the outer wiring and small parts etc from your old engine, to the one being supplied. All Engine listed will be for manual vehicles unless stated in the listing - Enquire... If you need an engine for an AUTOMATIC vehicle (we can often find this out for you before you order)

Engine stock numbers

Each engine listed has a unique ' Engine stock number ' make a note of it for when you return to the site and you can use the search bar (at the bottom of our homepage) to find a particular engine if it is still available.

--- --- --- ---

Engine Warranty

Suppliers give a minimum warranty of 28 days upto 2 years from the date of ordering. Any Engine or delivery issue needs to be reported 1ST to your supplier. Their contact details are published on the Sales receipt emailed to you once payment was made. If after 5 working days you cannot progress with your supplier then just let us know - contact us

Warranty starts from the day of the order so buyers are advised to have any supplier Engine fitted asap and never after the warranty period has ended.


is listed within all Engine listings by the Trusted Supplier. Mileage is NOT as important as buying a TESTED or well looked after engine. Low mileage engines that have not been serviced in the past or ran properly and so can actually be in worse condition internally than an Engine with higher mileage. However all engines are required to be Tested before they are listed by our Trusted Suppliers at

Our suppliers test the Engines listed and they are asked to take the mileage reading directly from the vehicles clocks and include details in the Engine listing.

Engine returns

Try and take a video (using your mobile phone) of your vehicle including any markings the supplier has made on the engine (for him to identify its his engine). Include your REG plate and have the mechanic explain the issue with the Engine. This can 'sometimes' be accepted by a supplier (at their discretion) rather than having to send the engine back for inspection.

Handling fees of upto 25% are required if an engine has been bought in error or the buyer decides not to go ahead with fitting. If a genuine faulty has occurred on the Tested Engine it will need to be explained to the Trusted Supplier and if genuine another engine will be sent to a buyer - by the Trusted Supplier at their discretion - ASAP. If an engine is bought then is simply unwanted buyers must return the same engine at their expense to the supplier to receive a refund (Minus the handling fee and original delivery cost).

* Please Note we have had some instances where a mechanic has not fitted the engine correctly (short cuts to save time) and not fitted the supplied engine at all claiming its faulty - only for our supplier to check its internals, resell it - to find that there was never an issue with that particular Engine.

--- --- --- ---

Handling Fees

This is a percentage of the total amount paid (up to 25%) taken by the supplier IF a buyer has bought an engine in error (without the correct registration entered into our site) - OR - is no longer wanted. If the engine has left the supplier since payment was made then any delivery charge will NOT be refunded. Handling fees are allowed by UK LAW and they cover wasted time and restocking issues from often unorganised buyers


All buyers and suppliers will have legally agreed to our terms of business before any deal has been agreed at checkout

--- --- --- ---

Engine Codes (More detailed)

Theses are NOT to be confused with engine numbers. Engine codes ensure compatibility of replacement engines. Be extra cautious with Japanese makes/ models and buy only an MANUAL engine if your vehicle is a MANUAL vehicle. Engines listed are manual versions unless listed otherwise by supplier. Some engine listed as manual will also fit automatics so enquire via any engine listing page.

Buyer responsibility (Very Important)

Buyers are strongly recommended to choose a Registered garage (with a company registration number) and who is experienced to fit their specific type of vehicles engine. The best ones will take their time and follow our terms so that warranty is not voided. Most mechanics can be inexperienced with a Specific engine type and also extremely opinionated. They as do any humans beings can make mistakes so our suppliers will check any engine supplied upon its return for any ' Telling signs of mis-fitting and then act swiftly to find a fair solution '

Suppliers responsibility

Suppliers have agreed to test engines fully before listing and understand that they are 100% legally responsible for the engine listing, delivery, warranty and condition of any supplied engine.

--- --- --- ---


is usually completed in 1-3 working days (usually 2 working days) after the payment date. As soon as the Deposit is paid to reserve any engine are suppliers are prompted to request the final amount payable. Tip: inform your garage that engine delivery will be roughly 3 working days. Highland, rural, European and worldwide deliveries can take longer and courier workloads can fluctuate too

--- --- --- ---

Choosing a garage (for fitting)

Choose a local registered garage with experience fitting your vehicles engine type (even if more expensive). We advise NOT to choose the cheapest you can find. All engines are different and so are the levels of experience at each garage. Find one that suits your exact needs and agree to pay them AFTER the engine fitting is complete. TRY: GOOD GARAGE SCHEME prices range from £500 - £ 900

Exchange deals

The supplier may ask for an ' Exchange deal ' within their engine listing page. This means that they will require your old engine in exchange for the replacement being supplied. Suppliers usually require your old engine WITHOUT any holes in the block. If your engine has hole(s) in the block or is not available they will require a surcharge to cover it.

Surcharges are payments that need to be paid directly to the supplier to cover loss of opportunity to rebuild your old engine. They are refunded IF our supplier receives your old engine without any holes in the block at a later date.

The supplier in the engine listing... should mention the surcharge amount IF your old engine is given to the supplier AFTER you receive the replacement engine, any surcharge paid will be refunded back to you. IF your old engine is given to the supplier BEFORE you receive the replacement engine no surcharge is required.

A supplier may personally pickup (your old engine) and deliver the replacement the same day depending on distance and available time in their schedule.

--- --- --- ---

Vehicle Recovery / towing

If your vehicle is not safe to drive you will need a tow truck to take your vehicle to your chosen garage. Arrange price of fitting if its going to a local garage BEFORE booking any tow service. These often charge £1 per mile x both ways

Report a Supplier

Buyers can do this via the homepage. If an issue has been reported to your supplier after 2 working days you can REPORT A SUPPLIER on our homepage. We will give the supplier a further 1 working days to offer any buyer a fair plan of action. If we cannot make progress a Paypal dispute can be opened against the supplier (written content from the buyer is required (300 characters maximum).

* The exact marked engine will need returning to the supplier for analysis before we send out another replacement engine out.

Engine faults

If genuine ask buyers to contact their supplier (who is legally responsible for the engine and any listing IF they took the majority payment for the Engine supplied). Report your issue with the supplier directly, using your paypal confirmation (emailed to you after you paid the supplier). If after 2 working days no progress is made you can report a supplier via the ' Report Supplier ' link (see our homepage). Often, our suppliers will pay towards the engine supplied (if faulty) getting fixed. Suppliers will require a Realistic Quote by your mechanic before agreeing to this. Alternatively a replacement can be sent out asap once the old engine supplied is receive by the supplier.

This can avoid you having to take the engine out and paying for another to be fitted, but it may take a little longer if your mechanic cannot identify the actual fault. Either way, our buyers at will be dealt with Fast & Fair to help you back on the road - asap.

" You're sure to get the BEST VALUE Engine deals with us..." - Managing Director,