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  1. EnginesOD 2017 / January Advanced OFFER system 24 hrs

    EnginesOD’s OFFER system now has the ability to auto Accept or Decline buyers offers on any Tested Engine listed on their website… This means the Very Best Deals can now be achieved Online 24 HRS a day without even a phone call or any long winded bartering. Its FAST , SIMPLE And SAFER as these Online deals are final with paperwork given automatically upon reserving / ordering any Engine available… Unmissable deals at on EnginesOD – Vauxhall engines , EnginesOD – Audi engines ,EnginesOD – Ford engines and ALL other brands. Enter your REG for instant and Guaranteed matching Engine options only at 

  – Your ‘CAR’ back to Normality !

    BEST Value ENGINE Deals.

    1000’s of people in the UK each year now choose to source the best Tested engines. We offer a more protected route for our buyers and eliminate any major risks you may find using other supplier outside our circle

    + Fixing your car ADDs value to it and is a growing alternative to buying a newer, more valuable car (Thus helping you avoid greater car value depreciation)


    Buyer Guide

    7 EXPERT Tips:

    1. ADD VALUE to your car by fixing it up (Aslike fixing up a property to avoid severe depreciation)

    2. Enter your car Registration into our website for a GUARANTEED Engine match (by Engine code)

    3. All identical Engines to yours will have the same Engine Code that is found on your Engine block

    4. Buy a Lower mileage Engine if you’re keeping the car (Often lasts longest) – OR – A Higher mileage Engine if selling on (Cheaper)

    5. Choose a local Experienced engine fitter and we’ll arrange delivery directly to them (1-3 days). Fitting costs £200 – £500 (for newer more complex engines)

    6. Find an Engine company who has a FAST & FAIR ‘ Buyer issue policy ‘ like (See homepage)

    7. Most people order a BARE Engine (Sump-Block-Cylinder head with all internals Included). This Excludes outside / bolt on parts EG: Alternator that can be switched over from your original Engine if faultless.

    Order a COMPLETE Engine IF some of the bolt on parts are faulty on your current Engine.